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Computer Forensics

“The discovery of truth through the application of science.”

Getting to the truth

Computer forensics is all about analysing the data stored on computers and other devices to discover precisely what has been going on. Whether that involves deleted email, copying of sensitive information or accessing inappropriate material, modern devices record a staggering amount of data, which when analysed correctly can provide a compelling narrative in support of an investigation.

How we can help

Initially, by providing free, clear and unambiguous advice, we can help you define the problem and outline a suitable strategy to start dealing with it. No two investigations are ever the same, each one has to be managed in its own way, some of the investigation types we routinely deal with are described below:

Intellectual Property Theft

Data thieves invariably leave forensic artefacts on the machines they copy from and copy to. Our detailed forensic analysis of server data, email, database logs and computer workstations will almost always provide a clear time line of activity, providing you with the answers you need to take action. read more

Fraud and Forgery

Our forensic team have a wealth of experience in dealing with fraud and the artefacts it leaves behind. This is especially true in cases involving forged documents and financial instruments. We have the experience, skills and tools to help you uncover and quantify your loss in an evidentially sound way, giving you the option of legal action if appropriate. read more

HR Investigations

Internal IT teams are typically unaware of the legal and technical requirements of investigations initiated by HR and will inadvertently spoil evidence in an effort to provide a helpful quick resolution. Instruction of independent forensic analysts not only circumvents any issues surrounding internal politics, but also means the investigation will be carried out quietly, discreetly and to the appropriate evidential standards. read more

What to do next?

Call us now on 020-8166-0059 or send us an email and we'll call you straight back to discuss how we can help.

Even if you don't need our services now, have a look at our forensic readiness section to make sure you have everything in place to best respond to an incident in the future. Or read our section on forensics explained for a straightforward discussion about the processes followed, the tools employed and the importance of following evidential standards.

Our Team:

Our collective backgrounds across information technology, forensic science and digital investigations means our team have all the skills needed to deal with anything you can throw at us.

The LangfordParc Team

Our highly experienced forensic scientists and technicians are all trained in the use of the latest tools and techniques, so we can quickly advise you on the best way to deal with your unique situation.

Whilst we are based in London, we are often engaged in cases across Europe.

For urgent work we can usually get a forensic specialist on site within 24 hours.

In very large cases, we have an extensive network of trusted associates with whom we have worked for many years.

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