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Incident Response Services

“We need to make sure this never happens again!”

Rebuilding your Infrastructure

The post-incident period is critical for any organisation - not just because you need to get your services back up and running to get your business back on track, but also to ensure that your environment is secure and that you won't fall victim to the same issues twice. It's also an ideal time to sanity-check your infrastructure design to make sure that other weaknesses aren't present which might be exploited later.

Rather than try to to be experts in all fields, we've partnered with Switch2IT, a dedicated IT service company with a strong understanding about information security and information technology. We work closely together to ensure that the forensic strategies we employ in dealing with incidents are reflected in the infrastructures they design and setup.

In this way, when our analysis ends, their work can begin, to help you get back up and running with a minimum of fuss but in a secure and protected way.

This reciprocal approach helps clients minimize downtime and provides the vital reassurance that your business needs to get working again - safe in the knowledge that the design of your IT network has been ratified by the relevant specialists in the field.


What to do next?

If you'd like to know more about ways in which we can work with you to prepare a forensic readiness strategy, give us a call for free confidential advice, or drop us an email and we'll get straight back to you.

Forensic Readiness

Ensuring that your organisation is in the best possible place to deal with a data breach isn't rocket science.

A typical datacenter

We can assist you to prepare a tailor made forensic readiness plan which will ensure that your staff, systems and procedures are ready to deal with any kind of incident that threatens the integrity of your network and your data.

Our incident response team can be on-site, anywhere in the UK within 12 hours of the initial call.

Either telephone us at the number above, or send us a note by email and we'll respond straight away.

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