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Data Identification and Extraction

Often, in a commercial dispute, the matter centres around a well recognised event or action - the sending of an email, or the copying of a database, for example.

The Fast-Trak service is perfect for those cases where you know what you're looking for and you have resources in-house to help you sort through the material recovered. You just need a little help filtering the content to some defined parameters and extracting the data in an evidentially sound manner.

Once you have this subset of data in this format, you're off and running.

We've written some pretty sophisticated filtering systems to allow us to manipulate a set of documents or email or other data set so that we exclude as much of the chaff as possible allowing you to focus on extracting the wheat.

The Fast-Trak service is another way that we help clients keep the cost of a forensic investigation under control, by providing you with just the services you require to meet your needs. We're happy to discuss options with you if you're unsure whether this will work for you and to give you a finer understanding of the level of filtering we can provide.

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If you need help...

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The LangfordParc Incident Response Team

We have the expertise, experience and tools to help you navigate an investigation and emerge on the other side with a clear understanding of what happened and why.


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