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Incident Response Services

“What exactly are we looking for?”

On-Site Search & Seizure

One of your employees currently under investigation has agreed to allow you to visit his home to recover company property. There is also the possibility that company data has been copied and is being stored there. How will you recognise it and what steps should you follow to make sure that your actually recovering the data and items in question?

In another case a court has granted you a civil search order to recover items in a commercial dispute, but you're not entirely sure of what to expect when you get on site, nor what kind of data storage equipment and media you may encounter, in which case there's a chance that you may miss things.

We can assist by attending the site with you, providing advice about things to look for, as well as assisting in the search itself. When data is located, we have field kits allowing us to preview the data to ensure it is exactly what is being searched for. This keeps the search focused and proportional. It also reduces the chance for counter claims in the future that data not relevant to the search was taken.

Our team have assisted financial regulators and law enforcement agencies in the UK and overseas to conduct searches, seize exhibits and preview data on-site in an evidentially sound manner, and to support the execution of warrants for criminal and civil prosecutions. We are well placed to assist you with this very specialised service.

What to do next?

If you'd like to know more about how we can help with your particular situation, give us a call for free confidential advice, or drop us an email and we'll get straight back to you.

Searching for something?

Searching for data storage devices is a highly specialised skill. The Police spend millions each year teaching its Detectives and Scene Of Crime Officers how to conduct searches effectively.

searching is a highly specialised skill

We have the experience and expertise necessary to assist you with this specialised task.

We can preview data on site so that you can make an on-going determination about the effectiveness of the search itself. This is especially useful when considering possible RAID arrays or other large storage devices that may be present.

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