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“I think I might be lost, is that you Watson?”

Forensics Explained

A plain English explanation of everything (well, almost!) you need to know about digital forensics.

Incident Response

A brief listing of our Incident Response service offerings.

Data Recovery

The Do's and Don'ts of recovering data - when we can help and when we can't!

Breach Investigation

What to do when yuo discover your network or infrastrcuture has been compromised.

On-Site Search & Seizure

If you need help executing a warrant or locating an exhibit, we're trained to assist.

Forensic Services

A brief listing of our Forensic investigation and analysis services.

Preview & Triage

A simple explanation of the differences and what each provides.


Our imaging services and why they are the cornerstone of any investigation.


When you have your own team to look at the data but need some help to dig it out.

Focused Analysis

For when you need to execute a narrowly scoped analysis.

Full Analysis

The Full Monty, all the details of who did what to who and when.

Interview Support

The ways we can help non-technical people negotiate a stressful subject interview.

Expert Witness

Finding the data is one thing, but communicating the findings is a specialist skill in itself.

Forensic Readiness

Do you need to create a Forensic Readiness Plan? Find out here.

Downloads & Resources

A collection of useful and relevant resources for the techy and non-techy alike.

If you need help...

We can have a forensic analyst on-site, anywhere in the UK within 12 hours of the initial call.

The LangfordParc Incident Response Team

We have the expertise, experience and tools to help you navigate an investigation and emerge on the other side with a clear understanding of what happened and why.


Either telephone us at the number above, or send us a note by email and we'll respond straight away.

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