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Full Analysis

“There is nothing as deceptive as an obvious fact”

When you absolutely need to know

The quote from Arthur Conan Doyle, above brings into sharp relief the point that in any investigation, context is everything. It may be the case that the presence of a particular document or email on a persons computer can be considered proof enough of wrong doing, however it may also be the case that the person making the allegation sent it to the suspect in the first place!

Our Full Analysis service provides a thorough and complete examination of a device which doesn't focus on one particular artefact or time period, but looks at the data as a whole. It may well be that the activities in question have been going on much longer than previously thought - or that a much wider group of co-conspirators are also involved. A focused analysis may not always bring these facts to light.

Whilst focussed investigations are very valuable, they have their time and place - a full analysis will mean there are few surprises when the other side responds to the material presented. It gives the option for a more balanced opinion to be provided and for a more compelling narrative to be presented in the form of the forensic technical report - a plain English account of what has been discovered on the devices examined.

It may be that a case that begins as a focused analysis, quickly transforms into a full analysis as the wider implications of the subjects actions become clear. A full analysis is particularly good at revealing the relationships between data, people and time.

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