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Who are we?

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Principal Consultants

At the heart of LangfordParc, are a group of forensic scientists, each with more than twenty years of experience in IT, from desktop support and technical architecture, through to managing data centres containing several thousand servers. The team includes experienced programmers who write utilities and complex scripts to automate the extraction of evidential data. We regularly present briefings to industry and communicate in plain English, not just at case conferences, but in our comprehensive forensic reports and when giving evidence in a formal setting such as court or a tribunal.

John Douglas, MSc MBCS

John is the founder of LangfordParc and he brings a wealth of experience to the team. He has been a computer forensic specialist since 2003, working on commercial, civil and criminal investigations in cases including child protection, rape, harassment, fraud, abuse of privilege, murder, deception, people trafficking, drugs, theft and forgery, amongst many others.

John has extensive experience as an expert witness including appointment by the Crown Prosecution Service as an independent expert to arbitrate between the existing experts in a case where contamination of exhibits had occurred. He has presented expert evidence at court and tribunals on many occasions, for both prosecution and defence.

John brings over 20 years of computer experience and programming skills to the cases he works on and his ability to reverse engineer malicious code has been central to cases involving hacking and computer misuse.

John holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Science in the field of Forensic Computing from Cranfield University and in 2007 was awarded a Metropolitan Police Commander’s Commendation for his cutting edge forensic work.

He is the author of several well known forensic software applications used by analysts around the world to analyse and interpret data and record the findings of their examinations. He has presented the findings of his technical research to peers at the UK F3 computer forensic annual conference. John has also presented lectures to the Metropolitan Police on specialist forensic data recovery techniques as well as presenting the architecture, setup and configuration of the C4P child abuse photograph grading system.

John is an excellent communicator and public speaker, regularly giving talks to the legal and business communities to help raise awareness of the ways in which digital forensic evidence can influence investigations. John also speaks Japanese, having worked for nine years in Japan in various IT development and support roles.



Like anyone else, we have people we call on when we need help (and they in turn call on us!). This is a loose-knit group of experienced and respected forensic scientists with whom we've worked over the last few years.

We are very proud to be closely associated with First Response (Europe) and their entire team.


LangfordParc was born from an obsession for quality and a desire to use our technical skill to help people who really just want to get on with doing their job.

Computers are pretty complex at the best of times, and when you're up against the possibility of of others using your computers against you, the last thing you need is try and figure out how to analyse them.

That's where we can help.

No matter what the background is to your situation, if a computer was employed to facilitate your current issue, then it's highly likely that artefacts will remain that can assist you work towards a resolution.

Have a look at our Forensic Services section to get a feel for the type of work we have previously undertaken, and at our forensic readiness section to see how well prepared you are to assist an investigation in the future.

If you have any questions or would simply like to speak to someone about a current situation, give us a call for free confidential advice and to discuss your options.

Or, drop us a note by email and we'll respond straight away.

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